Jenna Jade – Blonde w/ Big Tits & Curvy Ass

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So my first girl to occupy my Live Cam Girls Blog Review should of course be freaking sexy! She should have a cute face, big round juicy titties and of course a nice curvy ass. Because that is what makes her an eye-candy, right? We all love looking at pretty girls with shapes! But it is even more important for a camgirl that she also has a down-to-earth personality. She needs to be charming fun and interactive with her audience, right? And it so happens that Jenna Jade fits all the category. So it is only right to let her be my first in our sexy cam girls review category. If you don’t know who she is, well you’ve been missing out for a big long time!

So this girl is a 23 years old (17-Dec-1993) and 5’4ish, meaning she’s a nice petite girl. She’s also naturally blonde and has a cute face and blessed with some big 32DD’s! So of course she’s gonna have a huge fan base. Jenna’s Twitter & Instagram Account combines for a staggering 150k followers! And she definitely deserves it. Miss Jade updates quite a lot too compared to her peers, and most of her pictures are incredibly hot! And when Cam Girl Jenna Jade is online and streaming on Chaturbate, her channel is flooded with users in no time! So she’s definitely popular and one to keep an eye on!

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